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Treatment Menu (prices do not include GST )

We use Alexandria Professional Body Sugaring for our bikini lines.

It provides a less painful session and longer lasting smoothness.

  • Basic Bikini Wax - 30 min - $35.00 - This is a bikini for beginners: a basic wax to remove hair from the sides of the area outside the panty line. 

  • French bikini-  30 min- $50.00 - A french wax removes more hair from the insides of thighs all the way down the inside of the thigh and also from the top of the bikini line and belly. 

  • Brazilian - 30 min- $85.00 - Our Speciality: Brazilian waxing involves the complete removal of all hair from the belly, vulva, buttocks and anus. You have the option of completely bare or a  landing strip/shape  left at the top.


We reserve the right to change prices at any time with out notice. Prices do not include GST